Looking back at 2022

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With the past year just having ended, we look back at some of its more notable and happy moments. We have been fighting for glory in the NLC and Telialigaen, had some very successful podcasts, new partners we’re proud to work with and a very successful Vanir Charity Month. This was our 2022.

We have expanded our team significantly this year. We signed two content creators with Ratax and MaarinaD (Check out the article about MaarinaD's path to streaming), and we have welcomed Ildara, Keano, Tonjaaa and Blue! In January we even got going under new leadership. Håkon NUKEZILLA Lundberg took over as CEO after Peter PHATLEGS Valderhaug’s interim period ended.

The same month our very first NLC split begun. Carlos Sebastian MORGUEZ Nuñez had put together Vanir’s first NLC roster including Nille, Noodle, Sahira, Kevho and Quixeth. Flash, Dacreq and Phatlegs were chosen as the supportive staff. They played their hearts out, and we got to our very first playoffs (where we lost only to a strong icelandic Dusty).

Telialigaen was also played during this period where the Vanir Folkvangr roster ended 6th in the league, being only one (1) win away from the playoffs(!). The CS:GO Folkvangr relegated back down to 2nd division.

During the summer, we were more than ready for the summer split NLC. A new roster with a new hope through HeSSZero, Dreampull, Kreox, Erixen, Mirbs, Zaremba and Riziki (sub) was hoping to continue on what we had achieved in the spring split. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be in the summer, and we ended the split in 8th place, outside playoffs. This ended our NLC 2022 with 69 championship points (nice).

In fall we were back to Telialigaen. News from earlier said it would be the final League of Legends split in Telialigaen, so we wished to end it on a high, but missed out. We signed a brand new CS:GO Folkvangr roster and picked up a main CS:GO roster at the same time, which competes internationally. Folkvangr sadly relegated to 3rd division, whereas the main team battles it out for placement in the ESEA.

November came along, and the very first official Vanir Charity Month began. We arranged tournaments in PUBG, CS:GO and League of Legends. We had co-streamers such as Eastahh, Martey0 and Rikkemor, and engaged casters such as Landor, Toros, Dacreq and Glamund for the tournaments. We even participated at SpillExpo with GamEra and Kreftforenigen, and together we collected more than 42 000 NOK to Kreftforeningen and cancer research. What we'd like to call: A HUGE SUCCESS!

December have been a month of waiting for the next year, but then Telialigaen could confirm League of Legends will continue in 2023. We cannot wait to continue our participation in the League of Legends grassroot scene, meanwhile staying in the NLC to battle it out with all the new teams. We will also continue with our CS:GO rosters in the ESEA and Telialigaen.

Lastly, we wish to thank a handful of contributors in 2022:

Kreftforeningen for taking a chance on us and sticking with us going into our third year for the partnership.
Mental Health Youth for engaging and connecting with youths were they are. We are excited for our new partnership going into the new year.
GamEra for being so supportive towards the Vanir Charity Month and helping to raise awareness to gamers. The VCM truly wouldn't have been as great without you.
All of our partners for the VCM22: Kreftforeningen, GamEra, Trust, Gamer.no, Martey0, Rikkemor, Eastahh, MaarinaD, Ratax, Landor, Dacreq, Toros and Glamund.

And last but not least; all of you that followed us through the past year, and will continue to do so in 2023. We are grateful to be on this journey with none other than our fans.