The three pillars of VANIR


We will primarily always be an Esport organisation. The hunger for competing and winning foundates all actions we take. Always searching for the next good game, with a healthy dose of humour and sass, this will always be the Vanir core.

Mental Health

Esport is increasingly becoming more competitive. Focus on good mental health has historically had a too insignificant role in the esport scene, to the point of it becoming a problem for the industry. We strive to set a good example both for our players and staff, but also for the industry as a whole. Correct focus, combined with positive self-perceptions makes a significant difference in players performance, as well as on a personal level. It’s therefore natural for Vanir that this is one of the foundates our organisation.

Social Responsibility

We who get to experience Esports and do what we love on a daily basis, are definitely privileged. Meeting people with a shared passion, fighting together and building something to be proud of is not something everyone gets to do. We are hoping that through our efforts we manage to make some peoples lives a little better. We will always support any positive action and initiative for the industry, be it from our competitors or our own støttet kreftforeningen
We are always actively looking for sponsors or partners to help us achieve this.

This is VANIR

Established in 2017, Vanir started out as any other Esport org today: with some friends getting together and competing. Through the years Vanir has become a stable contender in the 1st division of the Norwegian League of Legends league, Telialigaen. At the end of 2020, Vanir strengthened its working force with additional administrative staff, as well as many talented players, planning for a significant expansion going into 2021.

Today we all share the primary focus of creating something we want to be proud of. Through a combination of a winning attitude while also always staying true to our roots, we hope to create a name that many will be proud of saying they were a part of, in the time to come.


We will be the prefered organization and partner to any professional European esport player and commercial company, while raising awareness for gaming as a hobby and leaving a positive and lasting mark on European Esport scene.