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Is your organization curious about how to get started with esports? And what exactly is the difference between gaming and esports?

There are increasingly more Nordic organizations who want to participate in the opportunities esports offers.

We often find ourselves contacted by parents and organizational leaders seeking advice on how to keep the youth in their sports teams, youth clubs, leisure activity centers, and similar. Some have designated venues and invested heavily in equipment but still lack attendance. Many of them have bitten over more than they can chew. We see that we have a lot to contribute! -Mikkel Bull Junker (Business Manager)

After several years in the Norwegian and international esports scene, Vanir has established a solid network of professional esports athletes and other personnel with the right competence and experience.

Our players and staff have extensive experience with esports and team play in different games and arenas and are excited to share their experiences with like-minded people. We are experiencing more and more people in Vanir wanting to partake in a context like this. -Carlos Sebastian Nuñez (Esports Director)

Vanir now offers insights to contribute to the Nordic esports scene. We aim to get more people to know the prerequisites for getting started by providing staff with the knowledge to organize and manage esports teams and gaming communities.

There are many different games, roles, and elements to consider when involved in esports. We are contacted by people and staff with varying backgrounds, from veteran gamers to newbies to esports and gaming. Therefore we conduct a non-binding chat with the interested parties to map out the desired outcomes and propose a plan that fits the customer's premises. -Håkon Lundberg (CEO)

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