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In multiple of today's games, it can be difficult just to learn basic knowledge, as it often requires several hours of trial and error. In consultation with our coaches, training sessions can be tailored to each need, regardless of your starting level.

Whether you want to be better than your friends or to take the step into competitive esports, we have courses that suit you! To ensure that you get the best possible benefit from the training, you will always be guided by one of our professional instructors.

Games we offer coaching:

  • Fortnite

  • League of Legends

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • PUBG

  • Rocket League

Tailored coaching, NOK 499 per hour (~49.0$/h)
For those who are familiar with the game's basic knowledge and want to take the step towards competitive gaming, namely e-sports. Our coaches all have experience as coaches and/or players in professional e-sports clubs at an international level (including Vanir, Riddle, FURY, and FaZe Clan).
Basic coaching, NOK 449 per hour (~44.9$/h)
Need an introduction to basic skills in a game? This is for you who are not familiar with the game's basic knowledge and want to be the best in the group of friends.
VOD review, NOK 399 (~39.0$/h)
A well-known training method often used by professional trainers who live stream on Twitch. You submit a recording of a game you have recently played, and one of our instructors gives step-by-step feedback in a 1-to-1 session on things that should be improved (based on your level and desired profit).
Team/group coaching, get in touch.

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Our Coaches


My experience as a professional athlete in Norway and Europe has given me valuable insight into how to perform as best as possible as an e-sports athlete. -Eivind DACREQ Ommundsen (League of Legends coach)


  • Coached professional esports teams like Riddle, Domino and Vanir

  • Expert commentator of League of Legends in the Telialigaen

  • Professional esports instructor at Eldorado


  • 5th place as coach in NLC 2022 (Northern League of Legends Championship)

  • 3rd place as a player in the Nordic Championship 2020


I am empathetic, and innovative and can be funny at times. My goal is to always have fun and enjoy playing at the same time as improving. With me you can reach your individual goals, whether its becoming a better ranked player, shooting better or even if you're just getting started with PUBG. -Kean Væring KEANO Hansen (PUBG coach)


  • Professional esports athlete at Bystanders and Vanir

  • Assistant coach at FaZe Clan

  • Ski instructor for children and youth in the winter


  • 1st place as athlete in the PCS5 EW (part of the European Championship in PUBG)

  • 9th place as coach in PGC 2022 (WC in PUBG)


I spend a lot of energy adapting training to the player's level to create a good flow in the teaching. The main goal of each training session is to be left with new and better knowledge about your abilities and understanding of the game. -Emil WIKING Christensen (Fortnite coach)


  • Coached professonal esports teams as FURY, Bystanders og Vanir

  • Professional Fortnite coach for children and youth in Denmark


  • 7th place in PGC (WC in PUBG)

  • Coached athletes to top 200 in Europe (Fortnite)


I focus on you learning something new that will always be useful and transferable to several scenarios. I always make sure you understand what I teach you and how it can be used as a springboard for further progression and development. I hope I can help you with whatever you need. -Erika's MADEINRED Musnikas (CS:GO and Rocket League coach)


  • Coach Rocket League teams since 2019

  • Professional CS:GO athlete for Vanir

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