Vanir Announces Collaboration with Apeks Ahead of The Valorant Ascension Tournament

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Vanir Esports & Entertainment is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Apeks, one of the most promising professional esports teams in Valorant.

In preparation for VCT and the highly anticipated Ascension tournament, Vanir will be lending their esteemed mental coach, Peter Valderhaug, to the Apeks roster, offering invaluable support to enhance their performance and mental fortitude during the competition.

The Ascension tournament, known for its fierce competition and high-stakes matches, serves as a pivotal moment for Valorant teams worldwide. Recognizing the significance of mental resilience in esports, Vanir is thrilled to extend their expertise to Apeks. With a profound understanding of the psychological challenges that professional esports athletes face, Vanir's mental coach will provide personalized guidance to enhance Apeks' mental well-being and optimize their performance on the virtual battlefield.

Vanir takes pride in their holistic approach to player development, emphasizing the importance of mental strength, communication, and teamwork. Through tailored strategies and individualized support, their mental coach has successfully contributed to the growth and success of numerous esports professionals across various titles.

We are excited to collaborate with Apeks and share our mental coaching expertise for VCT, said Carlos Nuñez, E-sports Director at Vanir. Mental resilience is often an underappreciated aspect of esports performance. By equipping Apeks with the necessary tools and strategies, we aim to empower them to perform at their peak potential and achieve success in the tournament.

Apeks, known for their dedication to excellence and fostering talent, views this collaboration as an exceptional opportunity to further refine their approach to competition. By incorporating Vanir's mental coaching techniques into their training regimen, Apeks aims to maximize their players' focus, confidence, and overall well-being.

We are thrilled to welcome Peter as our new Performance Coach at Apeks Valorant. As an organization, we are always looking for ways to improve and double down on what works. With Peter's extensive experience and expertise in esports coaching, we are confident that he will bring value to our team and help us achieve new levels of success, says Frederik van Guldener, General Manager for Valorant at Apeks. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Vanir for their support in making this partnership possible. We are grateful for their willingness to lend us such a talented coach.

Vanir and Apeks invite fans and enthusiasts to follow their journey towards the Ascension tournament, where Apeks will compete against some of the world's best Valorant teams. Stay tuned for updates on their social media channels and witness the impact of their collaborative efforts.