NLC Roster Update: Welcome Dreampull

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Welcome Mark DREAMPULL Leksin as our new starting toplaner.

We have decided to make a change to the NLC roster. Paweł HESSZERO Karwot has been benched. As a replacement we welcome Mark DREAMPULL Leksin.

- We are lacking one specific thing in our teamplay. By picking up Dreampull I think we will manage to fill this gap. It's really hard to say if this is the better solution, but I truly believe that a fresh mindset can help fix our issues and that we can bounce back in the second half of the split, says head coach Michał FLASH Kosicki.

Mark DREAMPULL Leksin looks forward to be back competing in EU again, and to face his former teammate Diamondprox monday night.

– I'm glad to have a chance to compete in EU again, looking forward to prove myself worthy against my former teammate Diamondprox tonight.

How has your first days at Vanir been so far?

– I think Vanir is looking very promising in terms of talent development. We've been scrimming for some days already and I can already say everyone here, including the coaching staff, is doing their best to improve as a team.