Management Update: Long-term Talent Investment

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Tuesday 20th December Telialigaen announced their brand new agreement with Riot Games (owner of League of Legends). The deal is already in talks to extend towards 2024 and will have a primary goal to function as a springboard for Norwegian and Nordic talent in Nordics and Europe.

To help build up upon this agreement, Vanir can now officially announce our long-term Talent Development investment. Many of you have maybe already heard about her, as she's known as Vanir's number-one fan in Twitch chat; Tonja Natasja TONJAAA Molin Kristensen:

To join Vanir means so very much to me. I have been a tremendous fan of their work over the past three years. It is a dream come true for me to work with a team. After one year working with the Swedish organization Lundqvist Lightside, I now feel more than ready to take this responsibility to work with a larger scale organization, she says.

Tonjaaa takes on the role of Talent Developer with the mission of finding and developing new Nordic talent:

My job is to establish Vanir's academy and make the best fundamentals for upcoming players to get even further. Getting the League of Legends academy up and running is what I look the most forward to in 2023, alongside to allow players and coaches to work alongside the main team to reach their full potential. And of course to work with Carlos (Morguez).

We believe the future of Vanir and Nordic talent is in good hands with Tonjaaa. Her personal goals are to develop Nordic talents, give young up-and-coming players a chance to get through the needle, and be seen in the Nordic and European League of Legends scene.

Our Esports Director, Carlos MORGUEZ Nuñez, looks forward to working with Tonjaaa:

Getting Tonja onboard has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier about it. She will be the boss of developing new talent here at Vanir and making sure we’re finding the right people to develop and mold into becoming true esports athletes. I’m 100% confident we will thrive with Tonja, and her with us.

We cannot be more thrilled about the Telialigaen news, and our response is this: