Management Update: A Promise to our Fans

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We can officially announce that we have engaged a new community manager.

Sanne, also known as blueberry, is from northern Norway. Her first console was a Nintendo DS lite where she played Nintendogs and Super Mario Bros. Her first “real” game was Dota 2. She has a Poro tattoo, and she loves animals. Anything from horses, and cats to snakes. As she says herself; – All pets are nice in my eyes. But she’s most likely more known for her blue hair, something she has had on and off since 2014.

– It’s very nice to join an organization with so much potential and ambitions. And of course, someone with so much inclusion and good values. This is something I value highly in work and private relations.

Going forward she will be responsible of taking care of the Vanir community as a whole:

– My area will be with anything related to the community. Everything from chatting on Discord, to watch parties and who knows, maybe something new and exciting in the new year?

We do value our community, and to show this we have now added a specific role to take care of and develop the fantastic community Vanir has. Going forward, as Vanir continues to grow as an organization, we do not want to forget our fans amid all the business. Engaging a dedicated community manager is to me a very important step in the right direction to not lose touch with what we are really doing here besides competing in esports, says CMO Sondre Strømholm.

The Vanir community will be in very good and capable hands with Sanne, as she’s not new to this line of work:

– I’ve been doing community and social media for about five years, and community and unity are something I am passionate about. Most recently I was with Alliance, creating and managing their TikTok-channel. I’m so excited to see where the future with Vanir takes me.

Welcome to Team Vanir, Sanne!