Roster Reveal NLC Summer 2022

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We can finally announce our new roster for the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) summer split.

We can proudly present to you the new Vanir roster for the upcoming summer split in NLC. After a long process of tryouting players, we have signed a strong team which we believe in. We're excited to see what they can deliver this summer.

The roster is the following:

Top: Pawel «HeSSZero» Karwot
Jungle: Ilya «Kreox» Grom
Øyvind «Erixen» Saltrø Eriksen
ADC: Alex «Mirbs» Holmin
Support: Maciej «Zaremba» Zaremba
Sub: Leon «Riziki» Keddeinis

Our coach Michał «Flash» Kosicki had this to say about his new lineup:

– Even if we had some problems with finishing the roster, we ended up with a decent team that fits perfectly to our structure. Each player is aligned with our goals as an organization and is working hard to achieve it.