Happy World Mental Health Day

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It's World Mental Health Day!

"Why is mental health day so important to you, mr. Vanir?" you might say.

As one of the few esports organizations in the Nordic region with a certified neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP Coach), we invest a lot of resources into our professional athletes' minds. Even those who have not played esports professionally and just stuck to gaming know how easily you can get frustrated over yourself or your enemy. Someone have most likely uttered their frustration towards you aswell.

To be able to improve at a sufficient level, either you're a gamer or an athlete, we believe it's necessary to feel good about oneself outside of the game. Instead of thinking about other people seemingly unreachable achievements, we need to understand how they got there:

We need to remember that everything is created from a process. The life you want to live is within reach when you begin doing new things. Instead of comparing yourself to the results you see in social media, begin to be curious about the process that created the result and then start changing your own processes for the better. -Peter R. Valderhaug, Mental Coach

Breaking down processes alone can be exceptionally challenging, and we know this from experience. That is why investing in mental health and World Mental Health Day is so important to us. Vanir will go bankrupt before we cut our mental commitment.

We urge you all to talk about what's bothering you, either with a friend or a professional. Together we can build each other back up better and stronger than ever.

Talk about it, and maybe more importantly according to Peter: LISTEN!