VCM Week 4

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Final weekend of VCM and it's Counter Strike time.

It's been one big month for us with this Charity Month. It's been so fun to engage people in PUBG, League of Legends and at SpillExpo. It's finally time for Counter Strike's Wingman tournament, and it will be casted by none other than the official caster of Telialigaen, Leon Andor LANDOR Karlsen.

- Vanir Charity Month is a great event that puts focus on a very important cause. Sunday will be very nice, and I hope and believe we will see various levels of skill. I hope many will participate and support this great cause, said Leon Andor LANDOR Karlsen.

For people who don't know what Wingman is, Landor can explain:

- Wingman in CS:GO is a game mode where you play 2 versus 2, compared to the traditional 5 versus 5. Wingman is a bit more loose and fun, bit more pacey and in general less skill than normal Counter Strike. Wingman is also played on a smaller map, other than that it's pretty similar. Grab your favourite wingman/wingwoman and join.

Streaming for Vanir Charity Month

Again we will bring you some streams to watch. Friday at 13:15 CET you can watch Eastahh stream and you can support this cause over at her stream. For her this is an important cause.

- I hope we can get together and support Kreftforeningen in their work for a life without cancer. Nobody deserves to get cancer or experience some of their loved ones go through it, Eastahh says.

On saturday you can watch our own Keano stream. He has arrived back home after being FaZe's sub, maybe there will be some behind the scenes stories from that travel. For him being part of Vanir Charity Month means a lot:

- Being a part of the Vanir Charity Month means a whole lot to me. The fight against cancer is something that is super important for me on a personal level, so I am very proud to be able to use my expertise and network to help in any way possible.

This will mark the end of the Vanir Charity Month. We will be back in december with more information how this month went, and keep you up-to-date on what we are working on for 2023.

You can watch the CSGO Wingman tournament on our Twitch and follow our Twitter to be updated on what's next in Vanir.