Vanir is looking for new partners

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Vanir is looking for new partnerships to help us take both our esports and entertainment to the next level.

We are an esports and entertainment brand that create relevant, fun, sharp, bold and witty content. With focus on mental health and social responsibility, we have an ambition to make people's lives better, be it for our opponents or ourselves.

Vanir plays a critical role in protecting and strengthening mental health of professional esports athletes and those involved in the gaming community. Maintaining perceived inclusion is what we believe is the most important success factor for operating in the virtual world. We take pride in coaching, counselling and training to help our members grow and prosper.

All of the above are key components to appeal to the average esports fan and to shape tomorrow's athletes in the worlds´ fastest shifting industry. Does your brand wish to explore the endless marketing possibilities of the Nordic esports landscape?

Esports can offer greater freedom and new opportunities to create awareness and brand equity among fans. Esports properties are delivering significant return on media value through brand and logo placements during streaming broadcasts. Our key audience is driven by the digitally native Gen-Z and Millennials. This audience is hard to reach due to ad-blockers and in general a decline of interest for traditional TV.

Vanir provides an opportunity to reach the unreachable.

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