The Final LoL Telialigaen Roster

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A new season with Telialigaen is upon us, the last one ever. This is the new Vanir Folkvangr.

As mentioned this will be the final split of Telialigaen. We've been a part of this league since our founding in 2017, and we're proud to take part in it till the very end.

With us we have a hungry stack of players who wants to make their mark. We have brought back Morten «Mortysporty» Carstens as our toplaner, while Ådne «Olunn» Anmarkrud is brought in as our new jungler and Asbjørn «Potetsalat» Sekse as our new midlaner. In our botlane you will find some of the more experienced Telialigaen names in Adrian «Addi» Kristiansen and Mikael «Bruland» Bruland.

And as head coach we've brought in Sean «Aqsept» Persson from Sweden.