We Stand Against Toxicity: Remarks from our Mental Coach

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Schalke 04 recieved a great deal of backlash after terminating their player for toxicity, right before the EU Masters Tournament start.

The following are the opinions and expressions of Peter PHATLEGS R. Valderhaug, yet fully supported by Vanir.

My 18 months in the esports scene has teached me one important lesson; some people say incredibly toxic stuff they would never dare say to someones face. At the same time, the esport scene is faced with stereotypes that make validation in new markets more difficult than necessary.

Both me personally, and Vanir stands behind Schalke 04 in their work to increase the accountability and seriousness of esports. It is the job of everyone involved in this industry to keep each other accountable for the impact we have on other peoples mental health. Having mental health issues is the result of a lived process, and if you are toxic online you become a part of that process.

The things you write in the comfort of your locked door at home cause real life implications for real people. Enforcing real life consequences to digital toxicity is long overdue.