Vanir will not be participating in Telialigaen Spring 2023

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In December, we promised a long-term talent development strategy within League of Legends. Its with a heavy heart we can say for a fact that we will not participate in Telialigaen for the 2023 spring split. It's the first time since our origin that we have not been a part of the Norwegian League of Legends scene.

We wanted to build Vanir's academy team strategy from the ground up. This cannot be rushed. We want to give it all that we have and not just participate to participate. We'd love to support the Norwegian scene as a part of the Northern eco-system, but in doing so we need a little more time, says Tonja TONJAAA Kristensen (Talent Developer).

Therefore you will not see Vanir in the upcoming Telialigaen split starting the 31st of January. But rest assured, this is not the end of Vanir in Telialigaen - it's quite the contrary.